Denver, CO – “I’m An Actress” – The Soiled Dove – March 10, 1999

Props are in order.  We’re trying a new song in the set tonight.  “Actress” is one of my mom’s latest tunes. It’s about an aspiring ingenue, narcissistic to the extreme who hungers for the embrace of the spotlight.

I slow walked the gas station aisles lined with shiny, colorful chip bags while the boys took turns in the external restroom, trading off a key tethered to a 15 lb. hubcap to discourage theft.  I picked out a pink frosted wig for Kenny, a white feather boa for Soucy a sequin star bandana, and hot red sunglasses for Brian, and for myself, I snagged a big red boa that was shedding before I even touched it.

When I unsheathed my collection back in the van, I fully expected moans and sighs but not one of them complained.  They seemed delighted to be cast in the “Actress” act. They test-drove their costumes and Brian even said I’d got him “the Ferrari of gas station shades.”

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  1. Hi Sally,
    Is there a story behind covering “Waiting on an angel?” Your version is so beautiful and I was wondering if there is a special reason you like to include it your set lists.

    1. Hey Julia,

      Waiting on an Angel is a Ben Harper song. I feel in love with it when I heard it on his album “Welcome to the Cruel World” in 1994. My Brother Ben taught me how to play it and it became part of the fabric of my soul. I’ve never recorded my version of it. There are a few songs that have never debuted on records and I’d love someday to record them if and when I ever find the time. Maybe I’ll record some of them on my handy dandy little i-phone and put them out in the road tales. Who knows. You’ve inspired me.

      1. You and Ben Harper should do a duet ❤️
        I can tell how much the song has meaning to you. Your version is so moving, soulful and in the moment. I heard it on mvyradio on YouTube but didn’t realize you’ve been singing it in your sets for decades. I’m so behind on greatness.

        If you decide to share the songs you’ve never recorded i don’t think anyone would complain about that. It’s exciting that you might be opening the vault. If “there is time that needs spending.” Such a great line. There’s got to be more where that came from.

        1. Hey Julia,

          Man would I love to sing “Waiting on an Angel” with Ben Harper. It is one of the most touching songs I’ve ever known. Up there with my brother’s “Surround me.” Perhaps I will record a little ditty now and again and stick it here in my little daily road tales. Why not?

  2. Man I’d would have loved to hear you sing Actress – such a cool lyrical journey. Loving these road stories 🧡

    1. Thanks Meg,
      I loved playing that song cause it was so theatrical. I could really lose myself in the character.

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