Boulder, CO – “Icarus’ Wings” – The Boulder Theater – March 13, 1999

The Boulder Theater is a remarkable place. It feels full without a soul in sight.  Its hardwood floors have faces. Its ceilings are shellacked with a lifetime of laughter and applause.  Without exception, our Colorado-bound gigs this tour have been stellar, well-attended, and imperative in helping us work through kinks in both new songs and players. But headlining the legendary Boulder Theater is a special kind of privilege that no artist can deny.

We gathered as a band behind the black backstage curtain, stage left, in the shadow of the fires on stage just before the show. I don’t know if there is a way to describe the apprehension I normally feel before I go on stage.  I feel like I’m running toward the edge of a cliff with both excitement and nausea.   But last night was slightly different.  I watched my band take the stage, and saw them glide to their instruments in an Icarus-blinding light.  I closed my eyes and steadied my heart. I heard to the announcer introduce me in slow motion “SSSSSSSSSaaaaally TTTTTTTTTaaaaaylor.”

Cue the applause.  Cue the feminine “woos” and the masculine whistles. I dove off the cliff from the shadows and felt embraced, caught, and lifted by the wings of those who bravely flew to the brightness of this stage before me. 

Photo Credit: Raymond Grubb

The show was excruciatingly exceptional.  The band gets tighter and tighter with every tune.  Our wrinkles feel ironed, our flyaways are smoothed.  We’re ready to take this show on the road… Beyond the rough edges of the continental divide…  Beyond the boundaries of our beloved state…  We’re ready to ride Into the sunset.

Just one last Colorado show tomorrow in Vail before the real road begins. I’m chomping at the bit. 

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  1. The sweet sounds of acoustical magic in beautifully crafted music halls keeps memories alive forever. Hearts beating the tunes that the rafters echoe with resonance of great talent of past performances.
    Long Live Historic Music Halls !! ❤️🎶💃🙏😊

    1. I love the idea of hearts beating in tune. I suppose that’s entrainment.

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