After graduating from the road at 30, I moved to Boston, got married, had a baby and started teaching at Berklee College of Music with my uncle Liv, the school’s premier performance professor. I taught songwriting and performance and a workshop here and there during Berklee’s summer program series but I’ve always felt strange about “teaching” music. As my mom once said to me “If you’re meant to write music, you’ll figure out how.”

After I founded Consenses in 2012, I thought my teaching days were behind me but at my first exhibition, I was confronted by more than a dozen teachers asking how I could bring Consenses into their classrooms. They identified, perhaps more than others, just how effective Consenses could be at helping people see from each other’s perspectives. They understood immediately, before I myself did, the possibilities for Consenses in their classrooms.

And so, from 2014-2016, with the help of Harvard School of Education professionals, I built and piloted a curriculum that would transform classrooms using art as a language. Since then, I’ve been bringing the curriculum into classrooms from east to west coast and training 100s of teachers on how to bring the course to their students. Teachers have told me it’s a joy and a relief to teach, that it’s brought a new joy and fulfillment and blown the hinges off their stale traditional teaching. They report that their classrooms feel unified, and creative and that students have a new found confidence and agency to express their voices and listen to each others’ differences with tolerance and respect.

“The Consenses curriculum is itself as beautifully constructed as a work of art…”

Jessica Hoffmann Davis 
Founding director of the Arts in Education Program at Harvard’s Graduate School of Education, and author of numerous books on arts learning including Why Our Schools need the Arts. 2008

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Inspire Social Emotional Learning (SEL) through a multidisciplinary arts curriculum!

The Consenses Curriculum is a 10-module course that offers art as a language through which students get to communicate their unique differences and unexpected similarities with one another. 

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The Consenses Curriculum is a 10-module course that offers art as a language through which students get to communicate their unique differences and unexpected similarities with one another.  

Consenses in the classroom is a relay race of art-making where students progressively pass pieces of their artwork to one another in order to create multisensory “Interpretive Chains” by the end of the course. 

Each lesson offers an introductory tutorial in a different artistic medium (photography, music, dance, sculpture, poetry, painting, and set design).  The art tutorials are taught by me via videos embedded into the curricula so that no one who’s interested in teaching the course needs to have any sort of an arts background to qualify.  

In fact, some non-arts STEM teachers insert our lessons into their primary curriculum to shed new light on their teachings, further engage students in course materials and inspire greater class participation.

Our online Consenses teacher training is only 2 hours long and is chock full of exciting and creative exercises that teach you all you need to know to be able to joyously and confidently bring Consesnes into your community. 

whether that’s a middle school, high school, or college classroom, a camp, afterschool program, arts organization or homeschool setting,… or even if you want to bring Consenses into your workplace or an organization, Consense’ training will certify you to bring Consenses’ process into where ever you need it and make it possible to gather students and start offering Consenses right away, giving your community a whole new way of seeing and connecting with one another and the world. 

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