My grandmother, Trudy, taught me to knit when I was eight. She spun her own yarn from one of those Rumpelstiltskin-esk wheels and kint in a festival of colors rebelliously disregarding tradition about using patterns, adhering to one needle size, or mixing textures. From her, I learned to create from my wildest imagination and to start without a plan. I’d inherit much of her color sensibility along with her robust yarn collection at her life’s end. I feel honored to tie on to her yarn ends and work her story into my own stash. In this way, along with her stubbornness, her love of travel, and the fragrance of tea rose I sometimes wear in my hair, I pass along her legacy.

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Because I’ve been knitting since I was eight, I’m pretty much capable of making anything I can dream up. I once knit a ‘husband’ for my best friend who, though older, was unmarried at the time of my own wedding and pining for her own beau. I’ve knit whole song lyrics into scarves for my mother, a Cyclops eye into a poncho for my brother, a breast hat that reads “milk” for my newborn son, and self-portraits of myself to send through the mail to friends in need. I’ve used t-shirts and even guitar strings instead of yarn. Once I woke up in the middle of the night with an idea for a multitonal dress that insisted I pick up my needles at once and not put down my needles until the following evening when I wore that dress out to dinner with friends.

Knitting is so second nature to me that I’m shocked people find it funny I’m knitting while rehearsing for a tour, literally singing into a mic mid stich or that I’m churning out a hat while also shopping for a toaster.

Trudy’s Yarn In Action

The Eagle Has Landed Cardigan

The Dream Dress

Self Portrait

The Cloud Cardigan

Dream Husband/Partner

The Ribbon Wrap Poncho

The Ultimate Poncho

“The 80’s Are Back Baby!” Demi-Fingerless Gloves

Flying V Guitar Sweater

My Pet Bunny

Ben’s Cyclops Poncho

Trudy’s Poncho

“Got Milk?” Breast Hat

“The Girl Next Door” Sweater

“Kvetch & Let Go” Demi-Fingerless Gloves

The Michelle Vest

Steven West’s Enchanted Mesa

Gypsy Hat

“The Future is NOW” Vest

Commission knitwear

What you’ll get: a hand knit custom designed piece of art made by Sally herself with yarns she inherited from her grandmother’s stash as well as fibers she’s collected throughout her life.  Each piece is unique and distinct and a piece of art.  Please bear in mind, none of Sally’s pieces are perfect.  They will be living works of art so bear this in mind when you suggest a commission.  Sally only takes a few commissions a year.  She may or may not take your commission.  If she does, payment in full will be required at the time of her consent.


Knitting Request
Commission a…

Maximum file size: 52.43MB

If you have chosen a self portrait or dream partner, please make sure to upload a full length image of the person or animal you would like me to knit.


This is price estimate.

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