One morning in early 2012 I was woken by an idea yelling so loudly at me I thought the room was on fire. On my way to Chang Mai I wrote this down:

“Just like Tomboy Bride came to me, Consenses has arrived. It’s been crouching in the shadows since [I lived in] Colorado hiding out like an expensive mobile made of dancing amethysts waiting for some dawn light to shine on it…

Consenses would be put off no longer.

I couldn’t believe nobody had thought of it sooner?! A way to use art as a conversation rather than a statement, a journey rather than a destination. A way to bring all the arts, in their many forms, together under one roof and in the process to show how necessary and helpful our differences can be.


Consenses was born in 2012. It has brought hundreds of professional artists together from around the world—of every medium and genre—asking them to interpret one another’s artwork in the vein of a game of ‘Telephone.’

Each artist extracts the essence of the piece they are provided and uses it as the catalyst for their own creation. Ultimately, this process forms “Interpretative Chains” that offer a collective, holistic statement; an intriguing progression from one piece to the next; a rare glimpse into the artistic process and the complexity of perception; and the offering of art as a conversation.


Consenses is a vehicle for connection, understanding, and peace using art as a lens and a language through which to see ourselves, each other and our world more clearly, compassionately, and expansively.

TED Talk

Taylor’s 17-minute talk draws on her upbringing and how a diagnosis of dyslexia inspired a creative process the world has never before seen.


This 45-minute documentary, The Story, will help you fully understand the full breadth of Consenses’ creative genius. It shows the making of a single “Interpretive Chain” and demonstrates how art as a conversation leads to understanding, compassion, and unity.


After a series of successful ‘traditional’ exhibitions, Consenses takes its exhibitions to the street. “Consenses Walks” takes art out of the museum and turns every neighborhood into a gallery. Visit Richmond, Virginia or Leland, Michigan through its local artists.


Check out Consenses Multidisciplinary exhibits. Hear songs inspired by photographs, watch dances inspired by those songs, read poems the dances inspired and taste and smell the fragrances those poets stirred.


Over the course of 7 episodes follow an artistic chain reaction as a quote inspires a painter whose painting inspires a musician, whose song inspires two dancers, whose dance inspires a poet, whose poem inspires a sculptor, whose sculpture inspires a chef, whose flavors inspire a family. Follow along here….


Don’t just take our word for it. This is how Consenses affects artists, visitors, teachers, and partners.

“The experience of responding to an image and writing from the essence of that image has been one of the most rewarding and art-changing experiences of my life. “ -Scarlet Keys, Berklee College of Music Advanced Songwriting professor

Consenses Curriculum

Bringing Social Emotional Learning (SEL) to life through multidisciplinary arts

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