Los Angeles, CA – “Best Night of My Life” – The Troubadour – March 20, 1999

Last night was the BEST night of my life and I don’t say that lightly. When
people say: “When pigs fly,” or “In my wildest dreams,”  I now know what they mean. I was in my wildest dreams last night and pigs were filling the sky. I don’t even know where to start, the shock hasn’t completely worn off and the grin (from ear to ear) doesn’t seem to go away even after sleeping.

We got to the Troubadour for a 6:30 load-in.  After losing my voice almost entirely after the Galaxy show, I did a vocal fast during the day, nervously opening my mouth at 5-ish to see if it was still there.  It was horse so I decided against a vocal warm-up (my usual practice). Luckily, it came back almost completely for the performance itself.

I’d never been to the Troubadour despite it being where both my parents made their start.  It’s a tall room with a balcony facing east and a huge stage that takes up 1/2 the room and faces west. We sound-checked, grabbed a bite, and did a little interview with a very nice Canadian man and his wife outside on Santa Monica Boulevard.

At 8:15 I went backstage to get dressed. My boyfriend, Kipp came up and said
“Sally, there’s some guy named Joel from Martha’s Vineyard here to see you.” I couldn’t think of who Joel might be. Confused, I followed Kipp into the hall.  At the bottom of the stairs, there was my beloved brother Ben and his girlfriend Bridge, who I’d previously been told were in New York. I was beyond surprised and excited.

My brother asked if I’d call him up on stage for “Happy Now.”  I was honored he wanted to sing with me but when I called him to come he said: “I’d like to invite one more person up here.”  In turn, I replied, “Oh great, I invite you up and the next thing I know, the whole audience is up here.” 

And out from stage right I see someone coming. It doesn’t look like anyone I know. And then, the spotlight catches her and I almost die right there on the spot. It’s my mommy. My sweet adorable mommy came all the way from the east on a plane (which I know she hates more than anything in the world). And there she is, standing next to me, and then on her knees hugging me, and were both laughing and floating 5 feet above this stage. This stage where 28 years ago she was discovered and I’m more happy than I’ve ever been in my life.

They joined me on Happy Now and then left me to finish up the show.
But I didn’t need to finish.  I didn’t need anything else ever.  I could
have just laid down and died and said I’d already lived my dream.

It just don’t get better than that does it!

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  1. Hi Sally,

    Wow – what a thrill! First, Ben, and then your mom! And being in the famed halls of The Troubador where it all began. I wish you had a tape of that show as I know I speak for everyone reading your blog as it would be great to hear a recording!

    But the pictures say a thousand words – so thank you for those! Unbelievable, and yes, you do look HAPPY!

    1. Thanks Cindy,
      It really was the time of my life. I wish I’d known to have captured it on film. You can’t imagine my elation and joy seeing first my brother and then my mom there. Never was I so shocked.

  2. Ok this one brought tears – joyful tears! How perfectly perfect. The imagery captures such a ride of emotions – I couldn’t love this more!! Wow!! xo

  3. SueAnn ❤️🌺 April 2, 2024 at 3:03 pm

    How Beautiful Sally !! 💖🎶❤️💃
    What a precious moment 💓
    Thankyou for sharing the Great pics and lovely moment in time 🎶 with us.

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