Boulder, CO – A Short One – May 6th 1998

I’m going out to sky trails today to lay down drum tracks, then rehearse with Mary Sister Reload/Not Eric/Tiny Yellow Ducks/Not My Fucking Band. 

Tomorrow is bass tracks and Jeremy Lichter is coming out from the East Coast to lay down guitar tracks but before then I have to write two papers and study for my Anthro exam on Friday and somehow I’ve got to transfer all my credits to my college back east to get my diploma. 

Frankly, I don’t even care if I graduate anymore. 

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  1. You sound tired here Sal- or maybe just so focused and willing to not graduate – but you did! You did it all!! “Get down on your knees and start begging”!! So awesome. Your recorded snippets of your childhood that pop up in your music are so amazing. Do you remember that time?! What a treasure to have. Xo

    1. Yes. I was very tired. I’d burned the candle at both ends and somehow came out of it having graduated AND produced a CD. I know that little Sally voice that said “Get on your knees and start begging” was the inner part of me that hoised my tired body over her shoulder and carried me out of that time. I cherish that little sound bite. I can’t seem to find it since streaming took over for CDs. I’m sure it’s out there somewhere. It certainly echos inside of me.

  2. Love that you had the Rocky Mountains to go to and drum and yale….without restrictions of noise ordinance. Places of solitude refresh our warrior spirits….to embrace all the mundane rules of society… as colleges and schools have placed so many restrictions to obtain these degrees by not counting our international college credits apart of their system .
    …limiting us to expand our travels to enhance our experiences of great knowledge.
    I am with you Sally about the need of degrees and graduations .Anthropology …an amazing subject of discoveries on our Planet.
    So much chaos in the creative process.
    Thankyou for Sharing 🤲💖😎

  3. Karen Armstrong January 31, 2024 at 8:19 pm

    Sally, Really enjoying your tales. I have followed your musical journey since Tomboy Bride. Your voice is as pure as a newborn baby. I just get lost in your music. That’s what music is all about to me. Thank you for sharing one of your many artistic talents with us!! ✌🏼♥️♥️

    1. Hey Karen,
      Thank you for saying such nice things about my voice! I so appreciate you following along with the tales and for your company since TomBoy Bride was made. What a long journey it’s been.

  4. Omg, little Sally! You are on my playlist and right after Unsung we Dance came your mom, Coming Around Again. From one beautiful voice onto the next. ✌️✌️

    1. Love it when that happens

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