Baltimore, MD – “Jah Works & Fat Head” -The Recher Theater – June 4, 1999

When we rolled up to The Recher, the marquee was packed tight with names, like a towering stack of steaming flapjacks. There we were, nestled among the eclectic mix – us with our folk-rockin’ tunes, Fat Head representing funk and rap, and Jah Works bringing the reggae heat. Despite our wildly differing genres, we found a joyful camaraderie between our bands. Over the course of three sound checks, six pitchers of beer, and a wardrobe malfunction (where Jah Works bass player lost his shirt to a wayward female fan who illicitly gained access to the stage and rippled it off him), we found kinship. We weren’t just acts sharing a stage; we became each other’s biggest fans, cheering from the crowd, celebrating the rich tapestry of sounds we collectively brought to the table. Fat Head even gave us a shout-out during their set, slipping lines into their rap like, “Ya betta stay for Sally Taylor, she ain’t gonna fail ya! She’s the queen of the stage, came from Boulder just ta play-fo-ya.”

After our notes faded into the rainy Baltimore night, we traded for one another’s CDs and checked routings, hopeful our paths would cross again. Playing at The Recher was a breath of fresh air after so many smokey bars. It had an elegance about it, clean and grand, with an extra large disco ball hanging from the ceiling – like a giant Christmas tree ornament – a glittering lighthouse that seemed to bless our makeshift family of musicians.

And now here’s a little confession before I sign off. I’ve been misspelling our Dellucci’s name since the day I hired him, and boy, am I red in the face about it. Spelling has never been my strong suit, but that’s no excuse. To Delucchi and the entire Delucchi clan – I’m truly sorry. There, I’ve said it.

Goodnight, Baltimore. Here’s to more nights of unexpected friendships and diverse music that brings us all a little closer together. Now onto Phili to play with Uncle Liv!

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  1. Love reading your notes from the road. I was fortunate to see you and your brother play in Boston with your mom back in 2005 and your uncle “ Liv” in January this year in Rosemary Beach. Such talent from each of you. Crossing Red Rocks Amphitheater off my bucket list next month when I see your Dad perform. Loved the throwback pic of you there rollerblading. Hope you are enjoying your new adventures in Nova Scotia with your family and again thank you for letting us tag along for the ride with your wonderful memories.


    1. Hey Mary,
      Thank you for reading/riding along with me!


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