Denver, CO – “Art Opening” – The Paramount Theater- July 17, 1999

Chris and I got to open up for Art Garfunkle at the Paramount in Denver.  It was an honor.  He’d been in a foul mood moments before we met—sneering at his piano player on stage during sound check and sarcastically spitting through the mic: “Let’s play something YOU know then!”  But when he walked off stage and saw me, he opened his arms and greeted me with a warm smile.

“Sarah Maria!?  Is that you?  I haven’t seen you since you were born!”  He laughed. His swath of orange, bubbling hair jiggled like bath foam.  “Hell, I remember the very day you came into the world. January 7th wasn’t it?”  He hugged me. 

“Wow,” I said, “I’m flattered.”  While I grew up in an apartment next to his partner Paul Simon and shared a flock of paparazzi with his son Harper who I walked to school with daily, I don’t recall ever having met Mr. Garfunkle.  “Everyone remembers when you were born Sally May.  We’re all aunts and uncles you haven’t met but loved you since the day you drew breath.”  I was tongue-tied so I just held my heart and said “Thank you.  I’m honored.” 

Soucy and I set up for a five-song set and sound-checked “Split Decisions,” (a new song) and “Tomboy Bride.” 

It was daunting to play with one of my idols sitting in the 2nd row but after listening to our sound check, Art reapproached me—”You’re not planning on being better than us tonight do you?”  We all got a good chuckle out of that.

Downstairs there was legit, healthy, hot catering, and a make-up artist, Nancy, who’d been hired just for me! and even asked if she could press my dress before the show!?!?!  I know I can’t to get used to this type of luxury but it sure was nice for an evening.

Sal & Nancy