Apt. #6s

  1. All This Time
  2. Split Decisions
  3. March Like Soldiers
  4. Kim
  5. Fall 4 Me
  6. Give Me the Strength
  7. Convince Me
  8. 40 Years
  9. Nisa
  10. Without Me
  11. Immortal
  12. How Can I?
  13. [Untitled Track]


I grew up on the upper West Side of New York City with a sprawling view of Central Park from apartment success. At least that’s what I heard my parents say as they directed the grocer for deliveries and their fabulous friends for parties who wore bangles that jangled up to their elbows and bellbottoms that swayed to the beat of their own music. And it made sense, after all, they were/are famous.  Of course, they lived in apartment success, and of course my brother and I lived there with them; born into success, not owners as such, but entitled squatters. We’d have to find our own apartments someday… our own successes. It was only when I learned to write pen pals I’d met on fancy cruises and European vacations that I found out success is an illusion. “In the return address you’ll write, Sally Taylor, 135 C.P.W Apt #6S NYC 10023.” My mom dictated, unaware of my heartache and the shattering of an illusion I’d believed since birth. Apartment success was only ever apartment #6S.  It was only ever the outward facing Wizard of OZ. The man (woman and children) who lived behind the curtain, lived in #6S; A real address with real lives and problems and joys and failures and, yes, successes.

I titled my second album Apt #6S to remind me where I come from; a delicious and outrageous illusion, and a geographic address as real and permanent as its bricks and mortar. Michael White (of Whitney Houston fame) produced this record for me in the mountains of Colorado. We mixed it in Whitney’s purple leather cushioned studio in New Jersey. It’s probably the best sounding record I’ve made.

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