About Sally

Sally Taylor is a creator.

An artist in a polyamorous relationship with a multitude of media, Sally uses ingredients of chords and silence, fibers and needles, inks and metaphor, paints and brushes to braid her colorful worldview into being.

Here you are welcome to sample a sip of Sally’s unique world. Explore her music which showcases a tenacious foray into the wild wild west of the 90’s indi-music scene.

Read her account, gig by gig, in her writings about what life was like for her on the road as a 20-year-old vagabond in a white Ford van with four brother-like bandmates.

Tour her shadow paintings which expose her relationship to invisibility, connectedness, and the spotlight.

Decant her closet with knitted art wear, designs for which, sometimes woke her up in the middle of the night insisting on being stitched and worn by morning.

And explore her masterpiece ‘Consenses;’ a project and process she divined that mimics a game of ‘Telephone’ but uses art passed between singers, dancers, painters, perfumers, sculptors, and chefs instead of words for communication. The fruits of Consenses expose the nature of human connection and offer insight into the heart of creativity. Explore the curriculum it inspired.

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